As part of our regular relationships with them, we offer our clients expertise, knowledge and advice.

We work closely with our clients to define a tailored strategy for buying and selling, in line with the interests of each collector.

Our international network, and the unique opportunities we have access to, allow us to find acquisitions adapted to suit each personality

Our art advisory can entail the following selected services:

  • Advice on building/establishing and managing a collection
    When building a collection, with a view on either short or long term, it is reassuring to benefit from the knowledge of professionals. We can follow our clients step by step to help them creating a collection of excellent quality. We offer sound expertise, advice on strategic choices, access to a wide network of specialists, as well as acquisitions and sales opportunities adapted to one's research and budget.
  • Advice on the purchase and sale of artworks
    We offer a discreet advisory service, helping collectors to find the exact piece they are looking for, or to maximise the sale of those they wish to sell. Messine's international network of partners and clients enables us to access opportunities generally out of reach of the public and facilitate the sales of our consigned artworks.
  • Expertise
    Whether acquiring or selling, we conduct deep research on authentication and provenance. In order to guarantee our clients investments, we have developed strong ties with art scholars, experts and artists estates.
  • Taxation issues
    We advise on French taxations issues for private individuals as well as for French companies.
  • Partnerships
    Thanks to our relationships with collectors, institutions and galleries, we can help planning exhibition loans to enhance the value of an artwork or of a collection.
  • Conservation
    We advise on preventive conservation for exhibiting and storing artworks in order to preserve their condition for the future. We can also recommend specialized restorers and oversee the work through completion.
  • Insurance
    We provide valuations for insurance. We can liaise with insurance brokers to find the most suitable cover for each artwork and situation.
  • Shipping
    We oversee the national and international shipping and storage of artworks. We work with specialised shippers and agents. We can handle all the exportation and importation formalities.
  • Installation
    Our team has a strong experience in presenting paintings and sculptures in a private space: framing, hanging, tailor-made plinths, lighting.