Fred Kleinberg, Territoires d'héroïsme et de fureur

04/20/2012 - 05/25/2012
opening 04/19/2012

Press release

Opening on April 19th 2012 from 6:30pm, in the presence of the artist.

Book signing on Thursday May 3rd 2012 from 6:30pm. Commented tour of the exhibition by Fred Kleinberg, Françoise Monnin and Patrick Le Fur from Artension magazine.


The Galerie Messine, in partnership with the Galerie Polad Hardouin, will be presenting a retrospective exhibition of Fred Kleinberg, on the occasion of the release of his book Fred Kleinberg, Territoires d?héroïsme et de fureur at Critères Editions.

Like the book, the exhibition presents a selection of paintings, drawings and prints, from five series of works from 1999 to 2011. These five series were displayed in eponymous exhibitions: La Mémoire au corps at the Fondation Coprim in Paris in 1999, D?obscénité et de fureur at the Passage de Retz in Paris in 2002, Made in India at the Galerie P. Friedland & A. Rivault and Espace Univer in Paris in 2006, Monstre-toi  in 2009 and Baroque flesh in 2011 at the Galerie Polad-Hardouin in Paris.

The Territoires d?héroïsme et de fureur are an opportunity to put into perspective the last twelve years of Fred Kleinberg?s work, through the book and the exhibition.

« For over twenty years, I have been developing a body of paintings and drawings aimed essentially at questioning man?s place in the universe and in his environment: sometimes chosen, often endured. Though I think I paint history and metaphor, I have been called an expressionist. But I believe that my work is related to a certain art of truth and reconciliation, all the more vital to a world scene battered by a turn-of-the twentieth century crisis.

Broaching such themes as memory in the flesh, obscenity and fury, wandering, autobiography, heroism, and mythology, I proceed by series, like a musician composing a new album.

Naturally and intuitively, each series is coupled with a journey, mental but also physical. I need to be as close as possible to my subject. This modus operandi has led to my wandering ? but also working ? in Spain, Italy, Russia, the United States, and, recurrently over the past ten years, India and today in China. As a result, I have gone beyond the exotic approach of the traveling artist to confront issues of lifestyle and mentality, along with the visual representations that are their outcome. I often use a palette of vivid, opulent, and strident hues, dominated by vermilion red. Impregnated with old photos and newspaper articles about World War Two, I also make brutal incursions into the black and white, in order to create other levels of reality. I am in quest of a new answer to the human and its deviations. My need for immersion, my unquenchable thirst to set forth to explore new territories, and to go back to sensitive sources: all these drive my pictural research. This book brings together the past twelve years of my pursuit. »

Fred Kleinberg
Shanghai, February 2012

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